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Where is the world’s oldest monarchy?

Of Japan

Which two countries fought for the Ogadian area?

Ethiopia and Somalia

Which year did the Soviet Union become Russia?


Orange Revolution is associated with which country?


Who is famous as the Gandhi of Border in World History?

Abdul Ghafar Khan

Which country was the first country in the history of the printing industry?


Which king made the Great Wall of China?

Emperor Shihawangati

In Germany, what criticism did Hitler establish?


What was the name of Adolf Hitler?


Who is the father of Chinese Nationalism?


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What is the Russian Revolution known?


Who was the ruler of Russia during the Russian Revolution?

Zar Nicolas II

Whose agreement on Germany was postponed after World War I?


Who was the German ruler during World War I?

Kesar William II

Who is the motto of German integration?


America’s war started in Japan during World War II on which US state?

Pearl Harbor

Who was the Prime Minister of England during World War II?

Winston Churchill

What is the revolution of the spring revolution?

Russian Revolution

What was the name of the Egyptian royalty?


Pyramid was constructed in which culture?

In Egyptian culture

Which people first settled in Mesopotamia?


What Sumerians People Are Making for the Habitat of Gods?


During whose reign was the glory of Babylonia increased?


What did Khaladian culture give to the world?

Astronomy, astrology



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